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    CClash of Clans is a popular video game developed and published by Supercell, rooted in Helsinki, Finland. it was released primarily for IOS platform, later it was relaunched for Android, followed by its availability on Google Play internationally. this is a multi-player game played online where players can make their own community, train troops and can earn gold, elixir. These earnings are used to create robust defense to be protected from others player's attacks, train troops and upgrade troops. this game also have features like pseudo-single player campaign where the player has to attack fortified goblin villages. this game is absolutely free to play but to play players need additional currencies as stated earlier using real money. Players who are trying to find free Gold, Elixir and gems can use Clash and Clans Hack Tool. these hack tools allow players to gain ultimate secret files that helps them to get access to bulk amount of resources as well as these are compatible with all types of Android and IOS.

    Hack tools are designed for those players who are really fond of it and love to play it. Hack tools also designed following the way that all types of devices whether it is smartphone or tablet can support it. If a player really wish to win all the battles of Clash of Clans they require lots of resources and this is the only way to get as it is safer to use and virus free.

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We have developed this tool for actual Clash of Clan lovers, players could find numerous options for hack tools and this is enough tough to find the right one which actually works good. This hack tool is the best solution to earn lots of resources like gold, elixir and gems which is absolutely free. We have made it fully by automated script as a result it cannot be found by very powerful servers also. This tool gets updated daily though to download it everytime you play is not needed at all.

Get to know more about Clash of Clans game before Playing   


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Troops are divided into different levels like Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, dark Elixir Troops and Heroes.

ic-tic  Tier 1: Consists of Archers, Goblins and most importantly Barbarians

ic-tic  Tier 2: Included Giants, Ballons, Wall Breakers, and Wizards etc.

ic-tic  Tier 3: On this level there are Dragons, Healers etc.

ic-tic  Dark Elixir Troops: It have Hound Hog Riders, Golems, Witches, Flying imp like Minions and lava Hounds.

ic-tic  Heroes: On this level there are Barbarian King, Archer Queen. Heroes are immortal, they never die and they are trained only once.


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    A player should know how to earn gold and elixir and storage them, a player have to made gold mines and storages, as well as elixir storage and collectors. Elixir is used to train troops, upgrade troops, laboratory research, most importantly to attack on other players base.

Gold is mostly used to build defensive building, upgrade town halls that helps to access higher buildings of the existing one.

One of the major components of this game is the clans facing another. Clan leaders and other leaders can start a war again other clans. To start a war each clan is given a preparation day and a war day. Each clan receives amount of stars depending on the upon the destruction they made to the opponent's community. Each player can only made two attacks per war, at the end of the day the team with most stars is declared as the winner.


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    Like gold and elixir this game also has gems as currency. Gems are awarded after reaching certain milestones, after achieving some points and also if the player cleared some certain obstacles from the compound. Though the really fruitful method to earn gems are to buy them from app-store using real money. Gems can turn up to be your biggest assets like speeding up your game from every aspect like training troops, constructing as well as to buy more resources and builders.

We know that as a faithful player of Clash of Clans you have visited lots of sites for resources, is it not true? Of course it is. Are you tired of trying to find a good enough hack tool site as now on internet environment there are many fake sites providing false promises. We agree with you completely and feel that you would not want to pay much for a free game? It is also not possible to pay a heavy amount of real money to play just an online game. Smile now, your all search ends here with a fruitful solution. We can assure you right at the moment you started to play using these tools you will feel lucky and we will give you no chance to complain and you might end up winning the game and make your clan victorious.

Using these tools you could unlock different levels of this game quite easily and hassle free, you will not have any roadblocks to gain unlimited gold, elixir and gems in terms of resources. There is also another plus point that is you can adjust the amount you are getting, it makes your game easier and no matter how tough the level is you can go through them swiftly. Besides the amount you can get more resources apart from stated afore and add them in your account which will provide you more advantages while playing the different and difficult levels.

All the items you need to survive on this game can be provided easily if you choose this Clash of Clans hack Tool. Victory is not at all a laborious job if you have unlimited resources; we assure you provide that level after level easily.

Clash of Clans Cheat Features :

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ic-tic  Unlimited gems
ic-tic  Unlimited Elixir
ic-tic  Unlimited Gold
ic-tic  100% Safe to Use
ic-tic  Compatible to apx. all Browsers
ic-tic  Jailbreak/Cydia is not Needed
ic-tic  Privacy Proxy Support

How to Use Hack Tool

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ic-tic   Firstly download the cheats

ic-tic   Detailed instructions will be given

ic-tic   Follow the tutorial (If Needed)

ic-tic   Follow the stated steps

ic-tic   Apply it on your game in IOS/Android device


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